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About Us

Localawi is a name that will soon be on your lips, your heart and your memories. Local + wi means “us locals”. It’s our way of proudly sharing the beauty of the UAE with our amazing admirers from around the world.
In our colourful melting pot of over 200 nationalities, authentic Emirati cuisine is sought by all, found by few and forgotten by none.
We have journeyed deep into our roots, perfecting the richly-flavoured, tasty and nostalgic meals that bring back childhood memories of family, love and generosity.
Our cultural pride means we stop at nothing to welcome guests into our local family: from the healthy freshness on our menu, to the flavours dancing on your tongue, to the stories and memories coming to life in our ambience.
Welcome to Localawi: welcome to your local adventure, and welcome to the home of the authentic Emirati experience.

Feel the Ambience


61, Hessa Street, Barsha
3, Al Barsha, Dubai

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