Localawi for two

70 AED

4 pieces of khoboz khameer, 6 pieces of chebab, medium lequaimat and 2 cups of karak


15 AED

A Traditional Sweet flatbread made with whole wheat flour and dates, served with Local Honey and Cheese

The Quadra Delight Combo

40 AED

Beidh Wa Tomat, Balalit , Dango and Bajella served with Regag Bread

Breakfast Set Menu

35 AED

Choice of two on our breakfast menu (Beidh Wa Tomat, Beidh Oyoun, Balalit, Khoboz Regag, Khoboz Khameer, Chabab ) with a cup of our special karak tea.


15 AED

Thin pancake served with fish sauce.


15 AED

Traditional Emirati pancake made from cardamom, flour, eggs and milk served with side cheese and honey.

Khoboz Khameer

15 AED

A Traditional Emirati Bread made from special kind of flour, yeast, pure ghee Fresh eggs baked together served with side cheese and debs or honey.

Khoboz Regag

15 AED

Thin Emirati Bread made from flour and salt served with side cheese and debs or honey.


20 AED

Sweet Noodles topped with fried eggs served with regag bread.

Sunny side up/Beidh Oyoun

18 AED

Three Eyed freshly pan fried eggs served with regag bread.

Beidh Wa Tomat

20 AED

Pan fried fresh scrambled eggs with slices of ripe tomato served with regag bread.


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3, Al Barsha, Dubai

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